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Our story

Skunk Superstore is an independent brand founded by Juhi Pande, with a little dream to create and bring to life unique everyday objects for the home. From the black and white soap to the pop-coloured concrete that I hope you’ll delight in as much as I have, everything you see here is crafted, cured and packaged from my home studio in Hackney, London.

Although Skunk Superstore is brand new, my experiments with material, texture and smell started over a decade ago, when I had the sudden urge to make something with my own hands. The soap came first, slipped into gift bags with ugly Christmas sweaters for friends and family. I was playing with activated charcoal at the time, so the chunky bars were either white/colourless or a deep black. “Skunk" seemed appropriate, and it stuck!

An exploration with colour came a few years later, with Skunk Cement. There’s something so beautiful about the contrast between the near permanence of a solid cement vessel, its weight, its industrial nature, and the soft playfulness that a shot of colour can bring to it.

In the process of creating these products for myself, and now for you, I’ve come to appreciate how meditative and cathartic the practice of working with your hands can be. I cannot wait to add more materials to the store as I go along, and I hope you’ll find a little joy in them too.